Access Points

These are easy paddle times. Head in the right direction and do a little bit of paddling. If you keep up steady pace and work at it expect to do it in half the time.If all you do is steer and not much paddling you can take twice as long. Times below are recommended times on the water and do not include stopping time.


It is not recommended to use tubes on this section of river.
There are some sections between Grayling and Burtons where there is a minimal amount of current.

Canoes and kayaks you can paddle through these slow spots. Tubes will barely move – if at all.

If you put tubes in expect your trip to Burtons to take 5+ hours.




Trip #1

2 1/2 Hours - 8 Miles

Burtons Landing

trip #2

4 Hours - 13 Miles

Stephan Landing

Burtons Landing – 2 1/2 Hours – 8 Miles

Louies Landing Rd. (road end)

Keystone Landing Rd. (road end)

Thendara Rd. (road end)

Stephan Landing – 4 Hours – 13 Miles

Wakeley Landing – 5 1/2 Hours – 18 Miles

WhitePine Campground  *Canoe Access only- no car access 

Conners Flats Access

Rainbow Bend State Forest Campground

Mcmaster Bridge Landing – 8 1/2 Hours 26 miles

Parmalee Bridge Landing and State Forest Campground 11 Hours – 36 miles

Camp 10 Bridge Landing 46 miles – 15 Hours

Mio Dam landing and State Forest Campground 49 miles – 17 Hours